Our products and the people behind them

From flow meters and level instruments, to pressure measurements and temperature controls, we carry it all. Our exclusive contacts and proven relationships with suppliers across the country and around the world means by choosing CCII, you’ll be getting the best products that the industry has to offer, both now and down the road.

ABB Measurement and Analytics

Manufacturers of Actuators, Analytical, Controllers, Flow Meters, Positioners, Pressure Measurement and Recorders.

Dwyer Instruments

Manufacturers of HVAC Air Quality Instruments, Level, Pressure, Temperature, and Instruments Valves.


Manufacturers of Enclosures, Cabinets and Heaters.


Manufacturers of Level and Flow Switches, Level Controllers and Transmitters.

Martel Electronics

Manufacturers of Calibration Equipment and Accessories.

MicroMod Automation & Controls

Manufacturers of Control solutions, specializing in Combustion Control and Water / Waste Water.

Orion Instruments

Manufacturers of Magnetic Level Indicators and Transmitters.

Precision Digital

Manufacturers of Indicators, Controllers and Transmitters.

Wika Instruments

Manufacturers of Pressure and Temperature Measurement products.