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Coastal Controls & Instrumentation
Joins Everest Automation!

We are proud to announce that effective April 1st 2021, Everest Automation has acquired
Coastal Controls &
Instrumentation Inc.

Coastal Controls & Instrumentation has been the premiere supplier of quality instrumentation and control products for nearly two decades for the East Coast of Canada. Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, CCII is committed to providing unparalleled client relationships, exclusive products and services to industries ranging from Power Generation, and Manufacturing, to Refining, Pulp and Paper, and Offshore Oil and Gas across Atlantic Canada.


Our Philosophy

It’s a familiar but true business saying – your name is only as good as the last job you’ve done. That’s why we stand behind each and every one of the products we sell. From product selection and recommendation, to delivery, setup, and warranty inquiries, we’re committed to ensuring you, your jobs and your business gets the attention deserved.

Our Products

When it comes to controls and instrumentation, precision is key. That’s exactly why we have chosen to work with the suppliers we do. Each brand, each manufacturer, each product represents the very best of their specialty. Whatever your industry – pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, municipal water and wastewater, we have you covered.